A Peek Inside My Drawers

Sometimes just opening a drawer can suddenly open our minds to another reality hidden within our lives. The mundane kitchen utensil takes on a whole new meaning, a heightened awareness generated from a new perspective. These color photographs revel in shallow depth-of-field and saturated color, giving familiarity and flavor a new context for interpretation. As a figure-study artist, this series was a personal challenge. Finding the “nudity”, or the truth in an object instead of a body. I see it all as a metaphor. Perhaps an elusive understanding, yet attainable and tactile in our minds.

A Peek Inside My Drawers
1994 – color photographs – 16″x20″ limited edition prints and unique artist’s books available. This series is not digital.

D’Parma, Boston, MA, February 1996
Grappa, Maynard, MA, October – December 1995
Left Bank, Cambridge, MA,  August РSeptember 1994