Blind Date

1996 & 2006 – Black and white gelatin silver prints

A chance meeting on film exposes a provocative dialog on gender roles, sexual politics, and psycho-analytical thought. Is it a battle for union or struggle for separation? Are the individual identities submerged, lost in a whirl of flesh and shadows, reality or metaphor? Is it purely a consummation of sexual congress? Or are they struggling for secession… their bodies simply temples to Narcissus, sacrificing communion on the altar of ego and id?

This experiment in male/female relations was done under “blind” circumstances. The 35mm film was double exposed in camera, without notes, photographing first the woman and then the man at separate occasions. This series has not been digitally altered.

Limited edition prints and unique artist’s books of the series are available.


Zona – Cambridge, MA – September 1996