Catcher/Catch Her

Catcher, Catch Her is an ongoing series of artist’s books incorporating experimental printmaking techniques.

These artist’s books take the fundamental narrative of a book into visual concepts of lifetime and chronology. These books, these “ladies”, are memorials. They’re commemorative, but for me, they’re mainly a celebration of many women in my life who have battled cancer.  I notice their struggles with body image, notions of womanhood, motherhood, childlessness and sexuality are very patterned…and shared.  I feel a profound beauty and sadness in these women – their living, and in most cases, their dying.

Each book has her own story, a personal narrative that’s unique. The work reflects on the definition and evolution of femininity, fertility, mortality, as well as trophyism.   Struggling with perception, of self and others, she questions her role… Is she the catcher, or is she caught?

The metaphor of Woman being like a book provides provocative inspiration, as well. Each book opens herself to the viewer in unique ways. Literal and figurative details encourage debate on outside vs. inside, beauty norms, reproductive health, and all things “girlie”.

The art process of printmaking also mimics lifetime, especially with printing materials that degrade and ultimately disintegrate. Image ghosting, those echoes of the previous print, can take the place of memory, as the layers of nets and lace are printed.



Cristina Hajosy and Wein-Hao Tien, Holzwasser Gallery, New Art Center, Newton, MA, April – May 2013

Creative Process, New Art Center, Newton, MA, June 2013

Beyond the Book, Boston Public Libraries, Allston, MA, October – November 2013 – Distinctive Merit Award

CSArt 2014, Community Supported Art, Cambridge, MA, Summer 2014

8 Visions, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA, August 2014

Beyond the Book, Boston Public Libraries, Brighton, MA, October – November 2014

Newton Open Studios Fall Juried Art Fest, Newton, MA, November 2014 – Juror Award Winner

Juror Award Show, NewTV Gallery, Newton, MA, December 2014 – January 2015


Displayed against a backdrop of unbound bookplates, the artist’s books are presented on pedestals and shelves. During the opening reception, cotton gloves can be used for safe handling. Specific notes on binding, materials, and mixed media accompany the book images.