Bookmaking – Flag Books – Private Studio Workshop – February 11, 2017


Flag books have wonderful sculptural possibilities. With multiple angles of view, they provide interesting double narrative potentials, contrasting viewpoints, or “yin and yang”, if you will. Is it some type of struggle, or perhaps a union? Viewers enjoy the visual movement and performative qualities of flag books. They beg the viewer to play and to keep interacting with the artwork. There so many approaches to content. Excellent for creative poetry, wish lists, sweet nothings, photographs, abstract designs, and more!

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Paper Marbling Workshop – Hajosy Arts Private studio – Sunday, February 5, 2017

MassArt students003

A day experimenting with paper marbling. We’ll focus on Turkish-style marbling. This method, “Ebru”, can produce lovely figurative designs of fish, flowers, birds. and abstract shapes or go with the traditional combed patterns. Your floating designs may be free-form, combed, or even blown. Join Cristina Hajosy at her home studio for Paper Marbling Workshop. Sunday, February 5, 2017 from 10am to 4pm

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Paper Marbling Workshop – Hajosy Arts Private studio – Thursday, January 12, 2017


Paper Marbling is a fascinating technique for decorating paper. Both the experience and the resulting designs make for a joyous day of printing. Each participant will have their own vat for printing. Custom acrylic color and paper choices available. You’ll leave with a stack of papers and strategies for your marbling on your own. Thursday, January 12, 2017 from 10am to 4pm at Hajosy Arts, Canton, Mass.

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Visual Journaling and the Body – Evening Winter Workshop – New Art Center


When writing in a personal diary doesn’t resonate with you, perhaps going with a visual expression will. Journaling alongside a medical struggle, the birth of a child, documenting the family’s growth at a reunion, and even as a memorial or tribute to someone special – the personal, reflective nature of the journal can really expand one’s life.

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SMFA Art Sale 2016 – Nov. 17-20


SMFA’s celebrated annual sale has become a destination for art collectors and for those who simply love art. With thousands of works on a changing rotation, priced by the artists and sold to benefit student scholarships, the SMFA Art Sale is your opportunity to discover the exceptional caliber of work produced by SMFA students, alumni, faculty, and affiliated artists, and […]

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Mixed Media Image Transfers – Demo and Lecture – Newton Art Association – Dec. 8


Mixed Media Image Transfers Demo with Cristina Hajosy. All participants will be encouraged to experiment with layering adhesive transfers from a wide range of materials. Magazine clip art, xeroxed photography, and found text will be provided for creative inspiration. Learning new ways to add depth with transparent layering, these skills will expand the art process of all mixed media artists.

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