New Workshop at New Art Center – Visual Journaling and the Body – Fall 2016

Mixed Media by Cristina Hajosy
“Know No”, visual journal detail, 2005

Visual Journaling and the Body (and Mixed Media)

Students will investigate the relationships between the artist, journals, narratives, and the human body. Using a wide range of body-related materials, we’ll explore layering, poetry, photo-realism, and the unique features that book structures can add to your artwork. How does the daily interface with a journal change the art process, inform the artwork, and develop a greater meaning? When writing in a personal diary doesn’t resonate with you, perhaps going with a visual expression will. Journaling alongside a medical struggle, the birth of a child, documenting the family’s growth at a reunion, and even as a memorial or tribute to someone special – the personal, reflective nature of the journal can really expand one’s life.

Photo-based Mixed Media by Cristina Hajosy
“Title Fight”, visual journal detail, 2005

Tuesdays in the Fall starting September 20, 2016 through November 29, 2016

6:30pm to 9:30pm

No class on October 11

For more info !!!

New Art Center  NAC logo

61 Washington Park, off Walnut St., Newtonville, MA

Photo-based Mixed Media by Cristina Hajosy
“Grabby Hands”, visual journal detail, 2006


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